Here are just a few Testimonials from actual clients about my hypnosis and life/dating coaching.

If anyone is interested in smoking cessation you would be crazy to not hire Arthur E. Apolinario. I have quit smoking before many times and it is usually a huge hassle and I have to avoid going out and having fun. With Art’s help I was able to quit smoking and still enjoy an awesome SMOKE FREE weekend in Charlotte partying like a rock star! NO MOODY STUFF. 100% EFFECTIVE!

Joshua Macri 6/5/2011

I did hypnosis with Doctor Apolinario 3 months ago. Since then I’ve had a more positive outlook on things and THAT is what helped me quit smoking once and for all! I HIGHLY recommend his hypnosis services.

Vonnie Lipscomb 6/8/2011

TESTIMONIALS REGARDING Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis:

It works people!!!Lost about 50lbs in 48 days… thanks for telling about this diet. It is not as bad as you think it would be. Really pretty easy and cheaper than pills, shakes and buying all that meat and protein .

Kelly Blackman, Emergency Medical Technician, Duke Life Flight

I can’t believe everyone doesn’t do this diet! I’m wearing clothes I haven’t worn in years! I’m real popular in church because everyone is going on this diet and doing well.

Della Wells, 75 years old and losing weight!

I feel better, I look better, and all my chemistry is better! Highly recommend the 5 bite diet! My wallet is heavier because now I’ve stopped 3 medicines!

Phillip Teachey 8/20/2010 21 pounds lost.

I’ve lost 30 lbs using the 5-bite diet (went from 205 to 175). Dude, you are a fantastic teacher!

H. J. 8/17/2010

I’ve lost 30 pounds so far and rarely have hunger. I’m very proud of what I did. It was hard to decide to do it. I’m glad I did it. I feel better. I get around better! I’ve gone down 6 dress and pants sizes!

Grace M. Bryant, 8/20/2010

As somebody that has done Art’s diet I can say that this does work. I reached my lowest weight I had ever been probably since high school. I have not been completely loyal to the diet, but the best part is the weight did not come rushing back like it would with Atkins.

T.J. McDonald 8/1/2010

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